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Smart Notification – The world needs more smart.

At the very least I am subjected to at least 400,000 emails per hour (approximately).  I dread using certain email accounts because of the unreal amount of information that is simply waiting for me to login.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t purposely avoid email accounts all together.  We don’t get along so well.


I have established effective rules with my iPhone inbox.  I have hidden the app in the deepest realm of the most congested folder possible.  I keep it hidden and treat it as if it was that one house on the street that no one wants to walk in front of for fear of what might pop out at any given moment.  To be clear – my email app may actually be haunted but that is information for a different post.


Connecting and communicating on a phone should be as appealing and opportunistic for the user as is humanly possible.  Mobile app development is all I have done for six years but I do not have thousands of apps taking up screen space on my devices.  I only keep apps that are relevant (and of course the packet of forced-upon-me apps from certain device manufacturers).  Knowing that I only want relevant information on my device I also know that a notification from any of these apps would be appreciated so long as it appears when it should (which happens so infrequently that I will actually delete apps because of the terrible notification timing).  This also led us to construct a concept that provided this luxury to app developers and administrators.  Notifications should be properly timed and (I know I am biased) should be relevant to my current location.  Push Genius was developed with the user-owner relationship in mind.  If the user is bothered the owner is removed (or the app but you get my point).  Send notifications that engage users and encourage future use.  Notifications should not be distributed like spam mail.  This should never, ever happen.  Deliver personalized, sensitive information with ease.  For. The. Love.  Be smart and use Push Genius.

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