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Pushing Their Buttons: Using push to ENGAGE app users

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People are using their smartphones for everything from learning about celebrity hair styles to doctors appointments. 80% of the time people spend on smartphones is spent within mobile apps. That is where push messaging comes into play. Push messages should be part of any great marketing campaign because people want to be engaged.
Communicate To Your Customers
Push messages let your apps have a connection and a voice. They allow your users to actively want to learn more about what your app offers, get updates and do more. The moment you send them a push its there on the screen. Great push marketing strategies can make app engagement happen instantaneously. They also help to build long-lasting relationships.

Communication specific apps are buzzing these days. Valuations and acquisitions using billions of dollars should say something for the need people feel to engage. Incorporating simplified communication with your brand’s intentions will multiply the engagement factor.

These apps that engage require relevancy. Understanding what your community of clients wants begins with delivery. Sometimes apps are created to trigger a push guided by the patterns of the iPhone user. Others are based on considerable online dating reports. Engagement requires thought and strategy set in motion with powerful tools – tools made possible by Push Genius.
How many times do push button notifications have to be there?
Well that is a matter of perspective, but you have to be timely with it. For instance someone in the Los Angeles area would only be interested in restaurant offers at lunchtime. Sending the lunch special reminder at 3:00 pm will not yield the best results. Restaurants are the easy example. Discover when and where your users will respond positively.

There is nothing more lax then sending a push notification when the user has no interest. Some use Google Cloud Messaging to deliver push messaging like Push bullet which believes that speed is critical to success.
How many times should a client be sent a push notification?
Pushy much? Are you constantly sending your push notifications to your clients? Do you think you are actually connecting? Short messages that are not annoying, and localized are the best way to go about it. People do sleep, and there are ways to configure who will be able to see the notification and when. Push Genius provides tools to help you create the most effective campaigns for the very best results.

Preview anything that you might be offering them first so that you know what they are getting and how it’s going to turn out. There was an app that was sent out on Valentine’s Day 2014 to poke people reminding them about the special day of flowers and chocolate. They were very discreet in the frequency with which they poked everyone. It was touted as “teaching people how to be romantic” of course the push promoter was once a day, or twice a day depending on what the user opted for. Again, know your audience and connect with them in the way they prefer or be warned you will lose them.


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