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The inner child of every mobile device would fight tooth and nail to avoid anything remotely related to a fence. Mobility has enabled a world without barriers, without fences. We are often reminded of how the world has changed because of mobile technology. Devices are improving daily while networks are constantly working to enhance service provisions. We love it.


We grew to really enjoy the idea of mobile technology working with invisible fences. Many of our clients have found our Notification Fence Tool to be the most used and most productive option within Push Genius. Let me give you an example of how one client is making the most of a fence concept.



Our company relies heavily on foot traffic. Our store has always been more difficult to access because of the second story entrance. We would love to relocate at some point but the cost to do so is outrageous! Push Genius has allowed us to easily connect with our clients. As they are nearing our facility an automated push notification is generated at the user’s device welcoming her to the neighborhood. We know that this is her first time visiting thanks to the fancy analytic tools provided by the team at PG. When the message arrives on her device she can see a simple image with parking directions and how-to-enter information. In addition, we can walk her right to the front door using the maps app on her device. It is as if I met her on the corner and walked her to the store. It really solves an annoying problem and our clients have loved the gentle interaction.





















The ability to resolve problems for a variety of users. This fence is invisible except to the device. And we are always finding ways to improve. The Push Genius Notification Fence Tool is unique in that you create the fence. Your business is your business. Don’t wait for a company to tell you when and where you can use a fence. Login and within 30 seconds you can have your first notification on your most valued user’s screens.

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