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The Milk of Mobile Revenue

There are real, live cookie monsters among us.  eMarketing firms around the world pay fantastic figures for something we all have in common – we all have cookies.  These cookie monsters want every last cookie available and, like them or not, cookies are a part of our every day, online world.  They are magical tool that provide insight to our interests, likes, buying habits, secrets and even communications while connected to the internet.  For that matter, cookies can be collected even when we are offline.  And these cookies are worth trillions of dollars to the real, live cookie monsters.

The shift in how we spend our time online is taking a toll on the cookie monsters of the world.  Data from eMarketer suggests that U.S adults now spend 24% of total media consumption time on a smartphone or tablet.  These devices make cookies a more challenging endeavor as it is much more difficult to target and decipher user data.

From global conglomerates to the small business on the corner, businesses are scrambling to interact with users at the personal device level.  With such a significant shift in time spent it would seem silly to throw good money at a tool that no longer demands the eye-balls of former glory days.  In addition, companies believe that a deeper connection is possible and even necessary.

bottle-and-glass-of-milkWe agree completely.

Push Genius has constantly sought the ‘engagement factor’ in developing simple tools for mobile devices.  Companies, organizations and enterprises can connect with users in a personal manner that invokes the powerful sentiment of loyalty.  Offer timely engagement opportunities thanks to location, personal preference, or crowd solutions.  Notify mobile users when it is user-effective and garner immediate results.

Our suite of tools will provide a mobile revenue experience like nothing you have ever seen before.  Capture the market and master relevant engagement.  Go ahead, have some milk with your cookies.

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