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Build a complete digital loyalty program for your company with Push Genius.
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Loyalty First

I figure that on any given day I make an average of four purchases.  I spend a considerable amount of time on the road and meeting with clients, friends and new business contacts.  With all of this awesome technology it is hard to ever sit still.  My most common purchases occur at a restaurant and a convenience store/fuel station.  I have my favorites, depending on my location, and I use mobile apps to find preferred vendors.  I have grown to prefer specific brands and think of myself as ‘loyal.’

I also despise loyalty programs.

I love the notion of gaining rewards for shopping with favorite brands.  Who wouldn’t want to be showered with magical points when, once accrued, provide AMAZING in-store discounts?!?  My problem?  The damn cards.  There was a time in life when the fattest wallet of the group really meant something.  “As the owner of the fattest wallet you, my friends, must bow down and kiss my rings.”  George Costanza lovingly referred to the fat wallet as an “old friend.”  I guess old friends are not my thing.

My ideal wallet size is the exact thickness of my driver’s license.  Nothing more please.  I would gladly beta test any program where my license was made digital and only available via mobile application.  Yellow brick road and promised land all in one!

So loyalty cards don’t have ANY appeal to me.  This was the basis for developing our latest product with Push Genius.  Thanks to our beacon technology combined with Push Genius I can now participate digitally in a businesses loyalty program.  The turn-key solution allows businesses to encourage loyalty through a variety of programs and offerings.  Each program is custom designed through an easy-to-use website.  Include three to five beacons in the facility and, voila!  Loyalty is made possible.

The benefits are unbelievably simple and implementation can be performed with a 15 minute setup.  Lose the fat wallet and make loyalty a reality.

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