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The art of communicating using push notifications, beacons and mobile apps.

3 Keys to Launching a Mobile App

Mobile marketing is all the buzz right now.  Device sales are approaching 2 billion worldwide.  Billion.  With a ‘b’.  The square footage of screen space if added together would be staggering.  The number of eyeballs viewing that vast square footage of screen is equally staggering….


Apple is Trying to Get Your Attention

Calling all business owners, inventors, imaginaries, and pontificators.  Apple wants your attention.  Bad.   The latest round of Apple announcements were delivered at the Apple announcement this morning (and capped off with a live U2 performance).  Much was revealed. New devices (iPhone 6/iPhone 6+, Apple…


Beacons – A Case Study

Apple is set to release a load of information.  Speculation is high and many can’t wait for the big announcement.  There have been many crumbs left along the trail though.  I thought I could elaborate on a few of them through a case study for…

open door in room

Mobile Marketing Engagement Anywhere

The inner child of every mobile device would fight tooth and nail to avoid anything remotely related to a fence. Mobility has enabled a world without barriers, without fences. We are often reminded of how the world has changed because of mobile technology. Devices are…

cookie monster

The Milk of Mobile Revenue

There are real, live cookie monsters among us.  eMarketing firms around the world pay fantastic figures for something we all have in common – we all have cookies.  These cookie monsters want every last cookie available and, like them or not, cookies are a part…


Loyalty First

I figure that on any given day I make an average of four purchases.  I spend a considerable amount of time on the road and meeting with clients, friends and new business contacts.  With all of this awesome technology it is hard to ever sit…

Pushing Their Buttons: Using push to ENGAGE app users

People are using their smartphones for everything from learning about celebrity hair styles to doctors appointments. 80% of the time people spend on smartphones is spent within mobile apps. That is where push messaging comes into play. Push messages should be part of any great…


You Should Have a Plan.

So?  What’s your plan?  You have the incredible mobile app that is an extension of your amazing brand.  And you have finally figured out the perfect website to demonstrate, advertise and sell your perfect product.  It is all there.  The plan. Nice plan. Putting it…