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Beacons – A Case Study

Apple is set to release a load of information.  Speculation is high and many can’t wait for the big announcement.  There have been many crumbs left along the trail though.  I thought I could elaborate on a few of them through a case study for beacons (not necessarily iBeacons).


A major restaurateur and good friend has been looking for ways to digitally enhance his line of cafes.  He has been approached by many salespeople with a variety of offers to take his company to the mobile sphere.  We both assume that this means his cafes would be accessible on a mobile device  (yet very few salespeople were actually willing to explain ‘mobile sphere’) so we discussed the world of possibility over dinner.


As much as I tried, I could not approach the conversation without bias.  As he explained the difference between sales pitches we laughed, gasped and cursed.  All in that order.  The limited solutions offered to the owner of a restaurant were hideous.  Mostly products that built the backbone of a third party product (often a new app) — not the restaurant.  Sure, many were happy to offer a new rewards program or potentially new traffic from exposure but none — not one — considered the efficiency of my friend’s good business.  So we plotted.


Without laying out a specific plan I discussed technologies that might increase efficiencies at the table, in the kitchen, and at the point of sale (because the cafe still sees this point of friction).  Of course, I had to discuss beacons.


A properly beaconed restaurant could provide an instant onslaught of efficiencies (I know, I know;  that word again).  Lets begin with the kitchen:


Push Genius has been built to properly accept a variety of API’s.  Basically, this means our tech can talk to other’s tech without a bunch of issues.  Supplies, employees, preparation methods and more can be tracked by the backend restaurant management application.  This application is receiving information from these beacons as often as required.  Food quantities are accurately measured and orders can be automated for food supply companies.  Hassles and friction reduced instantaneously.  Seriously.  Instantaneously.


The restaurant floor (tables, bar, patrons, etc.) was next.  This one seems the most obvious but lets touch on a few details.


Reservations are made simple with beacons and mobile devices.  Time-to-table information, to-go orders, incentives, rewards, and even payment (thank you Apple for making us feel safe-er).  So much opportunity with this particular area.  Additionally, giving away some secret sauce wouldn’t go over well for the sales team.  Contact them for the good stuff.


Marketing becomes a whole new ball game.  After one month of availability, the mobile strategy had increased net revenues by 22%.  That may be chump change to many but with razor thin margins in restaurant ownership, this number got me a few phone calls followed by a few obscene text messages (just sayin’).  The details of this campaign included targeted notifications and proper rewards to put people in seats.  The strategy was brilliant and simple.


The point of sale is a whole new world for restaurant style businesses.  Things are so much better, so much easier and so much less expensive.  You need to know that a $5000+ machine on your desk is a complete waste of money.  Graduate to a program that rewards you for selling your product.  More Push Genius stuff — get it today.


In the end our conversation sparked a few new businesses.  The squirrel in us wanted to drop and run for the acorns.  Fortunately we are so dang focused we built the alternatives and changed efficiency forever.


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