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Apple is Trying to Get Your Attention

Calling all business owners, inventors, imaginaries, and pontificators.  Apple wants your attention.  Bad.


The latest round of Apple announcements were delivered at the Apple announcement this morning (and capped off with a live U2 performance).  Much was revealed. New devices (iPhone 6/iPhone 6+, Apple Watch) were announced for the purchasing pleasure of millions as well as a very cool tool called Apple Wallet.


Its like we were handed the keys to an F1 race car and told to keep it under 55.


Push Genius is dedicated to the most rich user experiences available on a mobile device.  Our notification processes offer the most seamless engagement on an iPhone or an Android device.  The experience only improved with the introduction of beacons and the ability to effectively notify using the location of a device.  Your best projects come to life with the addition of new hardware and software technologies.


First, Apple Wallet is going to change the way people do business.  Actually, the combination of NFC and BLE already did that but it was going to take the negotiating power of an Apple or Google to provide the technology.  Authentication is the key to this most recent announcement – the single touch (fingerprint ID) of the iPhone allows merchants, banks and customers to feel secure in processing payments from the device.  Push Genius is uniquely positioned to provide the environment in ANY facility for improved security and true point-of-sale transaction.  I can’t wait to show you how this works with our current technology.  It is amazing!


Notifications received an upgrade as well.  The release of the Apple Watch demonstrates how hardware developers are working to incorporate the haptic (Apple is calling it Taptic) feedback.  The subtle method of notification that can work to your advantage.  Notify without annoy.  Engage with a strategy that does not turn users away.  Push Genius (of course)!


Our staff can roll out all of the new updates, ideas, possibilities and changes as quickly as you would like.  We are eager to see the world of notifications adapt and grow with the release of new hardware/software solutions.  Lets get to work.

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