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3 Keys to Launching a Mobile App

Mobile marketing is all the buzz right now.  Device sales are approaching 2 billion worldwide.  Billion.  With a ‘b’.  The square footage of screen space if added together would be staggering.  The number of eyeballs viewing that vast square footage of screen is equally staggering.  So, the big question; how do we get those eyeballs to fall in love with product?  Take a look at three methods to enhance your customer’s MEF (mobile engagement factor):


1.  Mobile App vs Mobile Website

This question has been racing around the innerwebs for years now.  Site is better than app – app is better than site.  We have settled this battle with one argument – communication.  The amount of information you can convey – and the way that information is conveyed – suggest mobile app is the correct path.  Mobile sites work as temporary stop gaps until a strong mobile strategy is executed.  Don’t waste time – find a great mobile app development team and get your mobile strategy in order.  An app should be treated as an asset – one that performs, drives traffic and produces revenue.  Contact us if you need help finding the right shop.  You won’t regret it.


2.  Get a Plan

The most common error we see is a company without a mobile strategy.  Unfortunately it is viewed as an afterthought.  Do us a favor and take a quick assessment of your business.  Eliminate the static marketing immediately.  You are losing ground by the minute with anything static.  Next, write down three ways a mobile app could increase revenue in your business.  It can and should make you money daily.  If this is a problem, call us. Lets take some time and evaluate the idea.


3.  Engage

Once you have a mobile strategy you must find the creative ways to engage.  An app is a two-way communication device.  It will tell you all about your customers and it is the great power of your product to persuade.  Communicate with your clientele.  Learn, grow, sell and befriend.  With your mobile app.  The screen is yours and can influence for good.


What apps are you launching?  Comment below.

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